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Inject Innovation into your Media Planning.

Understanding Customers Better, We Build Brand Connection that Maximise Brand Growth.

Blue Spot Communication is the only independent media and communication company specialized in the Iranian market in the Middle East. We provide marketing and media communication advisory and consultancy services to clients and their brands for the Iranian market.

Blue Spot Communication is an independent entity privately founded in 2009, The firms head office in Dubai, UAE.


  • Blue Spot Communication’s extensive local expertise in the Iranian market guarantees unyielding results.
  • Blue Spot Communication works under strict adherence to global media standards
  • Since its inception, Blue Spot Communication worked with many international and local clients providing them Tailored media solutions.


“Our people are the primary source of our competitive advantage.”

Blue Spot

  • Blue Spot Communication builds on the media experience of over 25 years within the Middle East region.
  • Since its inception, Blue Spot communication has handled many international clients across product and brand categories, such as Danone, Sony, Coda, GSK, Bosch, Turkish Airlines, LG, Adidas, Ferrero, Nivea… just to name a few.
  • Blue Spot Communication is working with all major International Media Agencies / MBU’s in the Middle East, helping them to develop and execute their marketing and media communication plans in the Iranian market.

Right Time Right Place

“We help some of the world’s most successful brands engage the right consumers…at the right time, in the right place.”


Blue Spot Communication is the only non-Iranian independent company specialised in the Iranian market in the Middle East.

Code of Conduct

“Clients, consumers and their experiences are at the heart of everything we do.”

We deliver for our clients by delighting their customers

“We make the complex simple by applying clarity and focus at things that really matter.”

All work undertaken by Blue Spot Communication is profoundly shaped by the following principles

  • We deliver our best when working on focused and clearly defined briefs.
  • Our media work offers solutions for our clients. Our perspective is long term.
  • Approaches and processes are systematic and rigorous. Blue Spot Communication pursues individualised solutions, tailor-made according to client's needs.
  • Our people are dynamic, relentless, switched on and human. We seek out and develop these attributes in our talent and put these qualities to work for our clients, all directed to business-building and growth.